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What's a PURE FUN game you've played this gen that wasn't a financially success?

#51akuma634Posted 3/13/2013 10:58:47 PM
Kingdoms Of Amalur, it was one of my favorite games of 2012 but the failure of it was more the fault of the publisher for thinking it would be a great idea to make a MMORPG based on a brand new IP that you don't even know if it will sell well or not. A game with a ton of potential that was dead in the water because some people have no idea how to make a smart investment or run a business.

Also Darksiders 2, why the hell didn't that become a big hit? I have it on PC and on the PC, if you want a God Of War or Zelda style game then you have a few choices. There's a few Devil May Cry games and there's two Darksiders games. On the PC it really stood out because there's nothing similar to it, kind of like Xcom coming to the consoles.
#52NashtheLionPosted 3/13/2013 11:07:24 PM
Dirk_McHardpeck posted...
NashtheLion posted...

Xcom wasn't a financial success?

I don't think so....

What kind of numbers are we talking here?
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#53PHEEliNUXPosted 3/13/2013 11:08:57 PM
Almost all of my games?
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#54TheTenth10Posted 3/14/2013 2:54:16 AM
Kingdoms of Amalur
#55jammiesPosted 3/14/2013 3:01:30 AM
People called Enslaved fun. I'm laughing on the inside.
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#56deathsaber79Posted 3/14/2013 6:43:23 AM
Alice: Madness Returns - a twisted and mature take on the platformer genre.
#57theshovellerPosted 3/14/2013 7:17:12 AM
jammies posted...
People called Enslaved fun. I'm laughing on the inside.

Well, if a lot of people thought it was fun, it'd be a financial success then, wouldn't it?

Anyway, I thought Binary Domain was fun, though I don't think it was a big financial success. Kingdoms of Amalur, too. Oh, and two of the "big three" people like to hate on recently - Devil May Cry and Resident Evil 6. Don't think any of those was particularly successful financially - or at least as successful as the companies wanted them to be.
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#58pixel378Posted 3/14/2013 8:09:53 AM
Twisted Metal.
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