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Skullgirls Fundraiser (2 DLC characters unlocked already)

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3 years ago#1
So, for the next two weeks there'll be a fundraiser for Skullgirls. Obviously. If you like fighting games this might be right up your alley.

They've already raised the money for two DLC characters, a zombie character named Squigly and a huge dude named Big Band, who will be released on all platforms free for three months. (Big Band is also going to be the game's first male character.) One more character is possible if people donate enough, and the next unlockable character is going to be chosen by fan vote if we get that far. There's also some other goodies you can get for donating, like a steam key for the game comes out on PC (and access to the beta), the game's OST and other digital stuff.

Right now they're at $377,153 after a little over two weeks. The way things are looking a third character is totally a possibility.
3 years ago#2
I'm struggling to see how 1 character costs $300k...
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3 years ago#3
One character costs about $200k. They have a breakdown of the costs on the indiegogo page, actually. The first character, Squigly, costed $150k because she was already part done.

Most of the cost comes from the fact that this game is done with full hand-drawn animation. It's not exactly cheap when each of your characters has about 1200-1500 frames of animation that need to be done. That and there are costs associated with patching a game for consoles.
3 years ago#4
RBGamer_ posted...
I'm struggling to see how 1 character costs $300k...

150k might want to try actually opening the link and scrolling down, it breaks down how the costs come to be that much!!

It's like....when people educate themselves!! :O

Also, you're now known as chicken little and I shall call you as such when I see you from now on.
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3 years ago#5
So the fundraiser is closing in on $380k. At $400k they're gonna unlock a female voice announcer pack as well as a stage and story mode for Big Band. Then past that, we have another couple voice packs at $450k, $500k and $550k (Swearing Parasoul, Drunk Announcer and Derpwheel) and then finally the third character at $600k. Personally I'd be happy just getting to $400k, though $600k would be incredible.
3 years ago#6
We've gone well past $400k and are slowly making our way to the third character. So that means everyone will be getting not only 2 free characters, but three stages as well. Not to mention the free voice packs we'll be getting as well.

They've also added a stretch goal for a fourth character, though I doubt we'll get quite that far.
3 years ago#7
RBGamer_ posted...
I'm struggling to see how 1 character costs $300k...

Needs to be drawn, animated, and programmed. Considering the cost of hiring people to do that kind of (high quality) work, and the cost to go through Microsoft and Sony's awful system to get the content to the players, I can definitely see it.

Games like these aren't made by two dudes in a basement with a shared bag of doritos.

EDIT: Also voice acted, assuming that SkullGirls (haven't played it, not a fan of the genre) has voice acting. And they have to do the sound effects.

EDIT 2: Nevermind, the indiegogo page actually states the budget of each individual part of making the character.
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3 years ago#8
Just a little while ago we passed $430k, and Lab Zero finally put a page up briefly describing the play styles of the revealed mysterious characters.
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