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Xbox needs a PS Plus

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3 years ago#41
From: PhaseSlaethe | #051
CaptainLuka posted...
Without reading to see if anyone else has mentioned this - I have something to nitpick with the posted video.

Who honestly has PS+, sees a new game come out and just says, "Oh, I'll wait for it to hit PS+!"
That could be months. ******* years. It could be never.

If you've had PS+ for more than a month, you have the knowledge that you will never know what is coming the following month. Saying you'll wait for a movie on Netflix is different. Netflix adds many more items much faster than PS+. It's much more likely you'll see a movie or tv show hit Netflix. That whole snippet of the podcast is blabbering about is absolutely moronic.


Netflix gets most movies released.

PSN gets a handful of things free. Maybe a LOT of games on deals, but not everything has gone free so far.

Your right, like netflix, PSN plus is mostly crap I don't care for.

Perfect analogy.
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