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Has a video game ever made you angry or sad?

#21Mattywright77Posted 3/16/2013 2:27:56 PM
Ive had emotional reactions. The most prominent were experiencing SOTC and the cimax of Mordin's Story in ME3.
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#22Godstriker8Posted 3/16/2013 2:36:43 PM
I got sad at Crisis Core's ending, and Red Dead's ending. That's it.
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#23TrixonePosted 3/16/2013 2:38:32 PM
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#24Excuse_Me(Topic Creator)Posted 3/17/2013 6:06:37 AM
#25banianmPosted 3/17/2013 6:17:15 AM
Valkyrie Profile 2 made me angry AND sad, and rage. After playing for 70 hours, I did not want things to end like that. :(

Still a 9/10 game for me.
#26killakPosted 3/17/2013 6:20:49 AM
From: PhaseSlaethe | #002
Xenoblade - Fiora (the oddest one, considering we "knew" her for all of like 10 minutes.)

Yeah that one was actually unexpected, and the cutscene where it happens, is epic.

I had just got her a bikini, too. She let me down.
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#27jammiesPosted 3/17/2013 6:24:35 AM
Enslaved did both.
Full game wasn't as good as demo made me think it would be.

I bought the full game(though used and cheap)
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#28XxHAVIC101xXPosted 3/17/2013 8:16:52 AM(edited)
Yes they have.

The same way a book, tv show, movie, or any other form of media entertainment can do.
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#29tmons78Posted 3/17/2013 9:17:10 AM
Valkyria Chronicles - Isara getting shot brought me very close to tears.
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#30Madridiq8ePosted 3/17/2013 9:22:59 AM
basically all the characters in MGS Snake Eater
especialy big boss