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What games are you playing?

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3 years ago#41
Just one right now, Mass Effect Trilogy. I'm on Mass Effect 3 with only a few missions left. After that I might play:

Ni No Kuni
Sim City
Assassin Creed 3
Batman Arkam City
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3 years ago#42
Dark souls.

Every other game I've played in the past year and a half has been totally forgettable. I keep my gamefly rotation going constantly, but it always end up like this:

Receive game.
Continue playing Dark Souls.
Feel bad that I spend money on Gamefly and never utilize it.
Start playing game.
Realize it sucks, send it back.
Resume Dark Souls.
3 years ago#43
PS3 - Sly Cooper 3
3DS -Kid Icarus

As you can tell I like to focus on the games I'm playing, so I don't juggle very many at a time.
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