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Remember when Watch Dogs was supposed to be an amazing game?
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My_Unit207/24 8:47AM
I lifted the secret as to why Ass Creed 2 & Saints Row 2 aged so badlydailyaction87/24 8:42AM
Are You Going To Purchase Alien: Isolation On The PS3? (Poll)
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ComradeRyan127/24 8:34AM
Why are the Kingdom Hearts 1.5 first boss battles so hard?justaseabass97/24 8:32AM
Mass Effect, Bioshock, Cod, BF, Splinter Cell... all lack one important thingdailyaction57/24 8:21AM
Sony US should announce the new Flash Sale within 24 hours (if there is one)dailyaction97/24 8:16AM
worst companion in a video game?
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jdh1996247/24 8:04AM
Who is the "most amazing-looking" Hyperdimension Neptunia character on PS3? (Poll)
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Junpei_Stupei137/24 7:57AM
So you can set Skyrim to "Very easy"... Is this clever? Whats a fun way to start
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
dailyaction147/24 7:46AM
Thank you Mountain Dew for allowing me to get better scores in Vanquish
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
NextGenISbetter177/24 7:40AM
Something bugs me about RPGsDualArms57/24 7:40AM
C/D: RPGs prioritize a different set of skills than other games.SegavsCapcom107/24 7:11AM
*** NEW SALE *** Castlevania Lord of Shadows 2 is 15 in Sony PSN... Worth it?
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coslcan167/24 7:04AM
Game design decisions you wish would disappear
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StogieKilmer1967/24 7:01AM
Uncharted 3 versions: helpMGS4SNAKE47/24 6:33AM
DYNASTY WARRIORS 7 EMPIRE or WARRIORS OROCHI 3 - which one should I get ?
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
NextGenISbetter137/24 6:10AM
Sony Agrees To Give Away Games, Money After 2011 PSN Hacksmerf157/24 6:01AM
Looking for a new game to play..._Deadeye_CM_27/24 5:17AM
Which Woods do you think look better.. Ass Creed 3 or Skyrim ?dailyaction27/24 5:01AM
Backup Utility QuestionSilver_Magician57/24 4:39AM