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Games only you like (and give reasons why you like them)

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3 years ago#1
Dark Sector
the game was kinda critically panned, but i dont see why this game gets cast aside while it really is no worse than gears of war, but does things way better. i also feel this game has more in common with re4, than re5 did. i have alot of fun with the single player campaign in this game and the glaive is still one of my favorite weapons introduced this gen. the game even managed to beat MGR to the cutting-up-your-enemy-in-slow-mo by like 5 years. its a great game you can find in a bargain bin for like 5 dollars. its fast, fluid and responsive... and manages to have a pretty good twist in the final moments that kinda elevate it above other 3rd person cover shooters. its a shame it never got its audience.
3 years ago#2
Dark Sector was awesome, man.
Me -
3 years ago#3
Dead Rising: Chop till you Drop
i never liked the dead rising games, i found them to have awful controls, animated like crap, and in general the combat to be very clunky for what is essentially a beatem up... Chop till you Drop has almost nothing in common with the gameplay of the real dead risning game and thank god for that. instead it is a resident evil 4 mod, made to look like dead rising and have the setting and story of dead rising, but without a timer pressuring you to move foward. instead, it turned the game i to a wide-open sandbox of activities with some light rpg growth elements and alot of unlockables. all of this compounded with a newgame plus. sure there are only like 12 zombies onscreen i stead of like 60-100, but also the game was rebalanced to play like re4... which in turn also had like 7-10 zombies around at any given moment. as a result, chop till you drop is a more intense and satisfying game to me over the real dead rising games.
3 years ago#4
killak posted...
Dark Sector was awesome, man.

you aint kidding.
damn shame we will never see that sequel.
3 years ago#5
Yeah Dark Sector was fun! Dark Void is also a lot of fun!

I'm gonna go with Naughty Bear. I love that game. It's unique and fun to play for a few minutes when you're bored. I'll probably never sit down and play through all the levels but that's what will always give me something to look forward to lol. (My Gaming Blog)
@SacCityGamer ~
3 years ago#6
Ummm Silent Bomber? Even if the narrative was terrible
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3 years ago#7
i have no idea what is wrong with modern game reviewers... this game is a godsend (apart from some bugs and glitches) it is a real survival horror made for survival horror fans. why this game was panned i wont understand... were they expecting it to be a left 4 dead clone? better than most zombie games and way more intersting is the fact that it rips from the dark souls play book of difficulty and using death as a means to make the game more challenging. enevironments that can be explored that dont force you to a linear path, and a game that forces you to save ammo istead of use it willy-nilly. a survival horror with actual survival.
3 years ago#8
i love dead rising on wii and silent bomber. DR wii is better than 1 and 2.

i say shinobi x. this game used realy people in cutscenes, and digitized actor sprites (like mortal kombat). people hated it, but i loved it, i love real people in games. and the gameplay was fast and responsive to.

thats all i can think of.
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3 years ago#9
From: GigerSupreme | #004
you aint kidding.
damn shame we will never see that sequel.

Yeah it's a real pity. At least we have that one.
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3 years ago#10
Alpha Protocol. I love making decisions and romances in games.

Walt Disney Racing for PS1 is my favorite racing game of all times, way better than Mario Kart 64 and Crash Nitro Racing imo.
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