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Regarding Mass Effect universe.

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User Info: DarKxReckoninG

4 years ago#1
I wasn't particularly happy at the end of the trilogy. I didn't mind the ending, and I'm not one of those raving lunatics who hate on it soley for the ending. I just didn't wind up enjoying how the plot played out as a whole, it turned into a dramatic social quest, at points.

That being said, would you rather they take the really cool and unique universe they've created with ME, along with the lore, and create a new Trilogy, or take it and do a few single hit games. Things not involving such a grand scale, but maybe a game focused on a certain section of the galaxy, and not so much trying to become powerful enough to defeat a large foe like the Reapers, but instead a story that can be started and finished in the game. Not as crazy as FF games, but similar in the way they each have new stories. I wouldn't mind either way. I would enjoy a new trilogy not involving any of the previous entries, or stand alones.
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User Info: thesnoopmeister

4 years ago#2
Open world game where you are a younger Anderson hunting Cerberus agents and such. Yea, I read the books lol.
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