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How good is Payday: The Heist?

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3 years ago#11
TheRavenKC posted...
So the single player is garbage then?

I wasn't planning on playing online at all, I just thought it might have a good story.

It is really meant to be played with friends, or at least people who are good at it and know what to do. It is strategic, and isn't about running and gunning. If you intend to play with the AI, you aren't going to get very far. So I guess this game just isn't for you

I still think you should try it though. There is nothing wrong with trying new things. Just give it a chance at least man
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3 years ago#12
Thanks for the info guys, but some of you should have read my opening message before posting. lol
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3 years ago#13
Since you got it for free, go ahead and try. Though the single player really sucks, imho.
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3 years ago#14
A lot of misunderstanding in this topic.

Payday was never meant to be a single player game. Just like L4D or Killing Floor.

I love it. I still play it to this day with friends and randoms.

It's a series of maps with a main goal and sub goals that are optional in the actual game.

If you aren't a fan of co-operative multiplayer games you won't like this game.

No doubt it as an amazing game, and the developers do a good job engaging the community, but it (like most games) is aimed at certain gamers.

This is from my experience with it on Steam though, not the PS3.

So for what you're looking for TC? I'd say you should pass on it.
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