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ATTN: ZeroRaider and people who prefer the xbox 360 controller over the DS3

#11Evel138Posted 3/21/2013 8:47:40 AM
SomnusNemoris posted...
Evel138 posted...
TC- who the **** do you think you are to tell anyone to "leave" because they have a different preference?

Well, let's be honest, if the topic were made here about those preferring the PS3 controller over the 360 one, it'd be called reassurance and such, even though it's a forum for those with a PS3 preference.

But no, it's perfectly okay to come onto the PS3 board and create a topic declaring its controller as inferior... that's all just hunky spunky.

Where is this officially stated? I mean, I'd love if the members of this board would have (or could have in all honesty) kept the discussions on topic to the PS3, instead of all the fan boy/console war BS, but as it is neither side is any more in the right or less ridiculous from my point of view. I love my PS3 and some of the games are must own for anyone that considers themselves a gamer IMHO.

I belong here just as much as you or anyone else.....I've been a member of this board almost exclusively (visit other platform/game boards occasionally)......yet, I prefer the 360 hands down, no question and absolutely over the PS3.
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