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All Final Fantasy fans need to support Final Fantasy X

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User Info: JohnnyCage2008

4 years ago#61
No. No. No!

FF1-9 were great, FF10 was average and now the series became a complete joke (Resident Evil says Hello!)

User Info: dingdongding

4 years ago#62
PringerX posted...
I supported it 11 years ago.

Exactly the same for me ,

On the remake note I would rather Final Fantasy 6 get a remake over 7 .. but that's just me.

User Info: Cobra1010

4 years ago#63
Thor61 posted...
I don't need to buy the same game again just to support them. a 6 or 7 remake I would think about because it would be a drastic improvement in the graphics to justify the buy. But I don't see a reason to buy X again just for slightly better visuals.
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User Info: Carbuncle009

4 years ago#64
vind3d posted...
If FFX HD does not sell well I imagine you can kiss the FF7 HD remake goodbye.

Didn't they say that they'll only make FF7 HD if a FF game outperforms FF7?

How is this related to it? FFX had its chance to shine, it's time for a new game that's been worked on, like, oh I don't know, VERSUS 13?!
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User Info: nouseravailable

4 years ago#65
NP: Fire Emblem 3DS and P4Arena

User Info: jaoman69

4 years ago#66
But FFX is the worst game in the franchise and i dont give a crap about HD remakes

User Info: embrandedone

4 years ago#67
I don't give a flying EFF about supporting Square-Enix. I'm fine with my copy of FFVII, thank you very much.

Square-Enix has made way too many muck ups.

- The 3rd Birthday (Aya: Unhhhh! unhhh! UNH UNH! UNNNHHHH!"
- The shameless titillating J-pop horror that is the Lightning Trilogy (13, 13-2 and Lightning Returns)
- The FF 14 Debacle.

Done and done.

User Info: Dalton Of Zeal

Dalton Of Zeal
4 years ago#68
I'm probably buying a Vita for this. Don't really care about an FF7 remake though.

User Info: Willie_Makeit

4 years ago#69
Meh. We don't need anymore remakes. I'd rather have a new FF game that doesn't have the number 13 in the title.

User Info: ffgameman

4 years ago#70
I would support it - only if it could be released on Xbox 360.
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