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Sony wireless headset too loud?

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3 years ago#1
Has anyone else found the "Official Sony wireless headset" to be excessively loud? I think the things are great but it seems like the absolute minimum volume setting is more than loud enough. It's like they designed these for use on a flight deck. I can crank in-game volumes way _way_ down to make it tolerable but if I happen to exit a game and go check out the PSN store while I'm still wearing them, and especially if I start watching game preview videos, they're ridiculously loud.
I must be getting old. Also ginger ale is too fizzy.
"That sure is a biiig tuna-fish!"
3 years ago#2
if your rich enough to buy official sony peripherals then have your slave use it and report back to you
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3 years ago#3
I also think they're too loud. Lowest volume should be lower.
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3 years ago#4
its because you have the mic volume more set to game than mic volume.. if that makes sense.

Turn the normal volume low, and look on that same side of the headset for the sound/mic volume and put it more near mic sound, so you get less gameplay sound

I use to have the same issue, minimum sound was so loud, and now its fine.
3 years ago#5
Hey I hadn't thought of that (messing with the mic volume), thanks.
And my slave is busy being a vibrating footstool so they're unavailable to deal with my terrible headset hardships.
"That sure is a biiig tuna-fish!"
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