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Can Metal Gear Solid V and Battlefield 4 really be on PS3?

#31flame030191Posted 3/28/2013 10:15:42 AM
bigdeez posted...
BF3 was toned down? Looked and played amazingly for me. If BF4 looks like BF3 on ps3 im good with that.

Go on YouTube and watch some PC BF3.

The graphics were much better (on par with the BF4 Alpha footage we saw 17 mins of), it had 64 players in a match compared to 24, many of the vehicles were tweaked around, the maps were larger, and there were more maps in there.

Sure, the PS3 BF3 was still very fun (I still play it from time to time), but PC is vastly superior in every single way, simply because PS3 and 360 can't support what the PC was running.
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#32PraetorXynPosted 3/28/2013 10:18:24 AM
Graphics aside, Battlefield is kind of bad on consoles.
It's probably THE most glaring example of PC superiority aside from graphics, because the console versions have half the maximum number of players or less compared to PC, and the maps on the console version are really just small sections of the PC maps.

I don't play it on PC, because I'm avoiding EA on principle, plus I think modern military shooters are done to death. But yeah. Those are facts that can't be ignored.
#33DarKxReckoninGPosted 3/28/2013 10:19:19 AM
Shineboxer posted...
it can play on PS3, it's just that you wont be playing the same game as my rig.

watch out, we have a badass over here.

He spent more than $800 on his rig, watch out.
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