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Free Resident Evil 2,3,4 and 5 (Gold) voucher giveaway!

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User Info: Redgohon

4 years ago#281
Game-Resident Evil 3


Reason-Own all the others

User Info: diegon20

4 years ago#282
Resident Evil 4

Number 1991

I just love this game. I have it on another two consoles and I want it on the PS3 but I can't afford it right now. The code would be much appreciated

User Info: Kin Korn Karn

Kin Korn Karn
4 years ago#283

Number 3761

Awesome job, TC!
Ye read, ye move.

User Info: plasticman13

4 years ago#284
Resident Evil 4

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User Info: TsunamiFox

4 years ago#285
Resident Evil 3

Number: 1313

I'd like RE 3 because out of the games offered it's the one I've had the least time to spend with and have always heard good things about.
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User Info: hk7111

4 years ago#286
Rainbow dash is best pony.
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User Info: smifypz

4 years ago#287
Resident Evil 4


I've always wanted to play this game since I've heard so many good things about it.
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User Info: awsdfrgty

4 years ago#288
re 2


User Info: UltraMarcus

4 years ago#289
Resident Evil 4


I'm a health and drama teacher for grades 1,2,3 and Kindergarten
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User Info: Serin

4 years ago#290
Resident Evil 2 - 2300

Without a doubt my favourite game in the RE series, but I have yet to play it since around the time it came out. I would love to experience the game from a new perspective. I hope I win, I'm pretty excited!
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