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Free Resident Evil 2,3,4 and 5 (Gold) voucher giveaway!

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User Info: _tanjil_

4 years ago#31
Resident Evil 4


I like free stuff and the people who give it to me. But yeah the only resident evil I ever played was the one with nemesis when I was a kid, and have always heard 4 is great

User Info: wheepitup

4 years ago#32
Resident Evil 2
# 1449

I picked Resident Evil 2 cause it's my favorite, and I would like to have a PSN copy to play on my PSP or Vita. Would be nice to play this classic on the go along with my copy of Silent Hill 1

User Info: psprulz2007

4 years ago#33
I choose the number 333

I choose RE4 because its the only one on the list I have not played.
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User Info: UserNameStolen

4 years ago#34
resident evil 4

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User Info: Coinvault

4 years ago#35
Resident evil 2
I remember it being one of my first playstation one games and I was never able to get far into it because I was too little to understand it. And now that I'm older, I would like to play it again!
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User Info: LMTTN

4 years ago#36
Resident Evil 5


It's the only RE (other than 6) that I haven't played for more than a few minutes, and it appears to have a lot of neat content, so I think I'd enjoy it for quite some time.
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User Info: Jakeab1995

4 years ago#37
I would like any of them tbh, haven't gotten the chance to play them, besides at a friends house.
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User Info: OatsTheWandrer

4 years ago#38
I'd like Resi 3. Haven't played any of the old school games, save the intro of 2. It's a part of gaming history I'd like to say I've experienced.

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User Info: megaultrarice34

4 years ago#39
Resident Evil 4 please :)


I've never actually played the game ever <__<. Tried to buy the PS3 HD code on ebay when the codes for the anthology were out, but never managed to win any of the bids :p
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User Info: LordTopak

4 years ago#40
I'll go with RE5 since I've played 1-4 to death already.

number: 1209

That coop looka hella fun.
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