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Free Resident Evil 2,3,4 and 5 (Gold) voucher giveaway!

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3 years ago#301


I played it when it first came out for gamecube and I loved it, my 'cube broke and I never bought it again for another system.
3 years ago#302
Resident Evil 4

Number - 333

Reason: I played RE4 on the PS2, and I would really love to play the game again.
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3 years ago#303
resident evil 4


I want it bc I never played any of the resident evil games before.
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3 years ago#304
Woken up my long dormant user to try my luck.

Resident Evil 4

Number: 1993

Reason: never completed it.
3 years ago#305
Resident evil 4 please
and my number 5000

and reason why I like breaking zombies LOL
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3 years ago#306
Resident Evil 2

Number: 792
3 years ago#307
Resident Evil 4.

My number is 3888.
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3 years ago#308


Reason: I've played the rest, but never this game.
3 years ago#309

Resident Evil 2

While, I started out the franchise with RE1 Directors Cut on the PS1, it was the second game of the franchise I fell in love with, I still got the old discs, but not the Ps1, being able to play it on my PS3 whenever I want would be awesome. =D
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3 years ago#310
Resident Evil 4


I played the game on Wii and loved it, but no longer have my Wii so I would love to go through it again on PS3.
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