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Was Sony the one that killed Sega?

#11MadDewgPosted 3/29/2013 8:37:31 PM(edited)
VanderZoo posted...
DreamCast did have a massive library of games though, and great games. So that couldn't have been the issue, it had a way better library than the PS2 when it launched.

The problem is no one hardly bought "legit" copies. The dreamcast was so damn easy to play pirated games on...if I remember right, you could burn dreamcast games on basic cd-rs and they would play on it. Every one I knew, relatives, random dudes I talked to in school every now and again, and friends had like stacks of pirated dreamcast games instead of actual copies.

Yeah, that system was a gaming powerhouse game quality wise...just the majority went with the 5 dollars for a burned copy instead of the retail 39.99/49.99 route.
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