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Which JRPG from the PS2 era should have gotten a sequel on PS3?

#11SigmaHacielPosted 3/30/2013 11:01:04 AM
All of them besides Shadow Hearts.

As much as I loved Shadow Hearts 1 and 2, Shadow Hearts IS Yuri. And his story is done. It is why SH3 was horrific.
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#12Sheria_KPosted 3/30/2013 11:11:51 AM
Suikoden VI
Wild Arms VI
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#13Castiel39Posted 3/30/2013 11:16:27 AM
Legaia 3.
#14Godly_GoofPosted 3/30/2013 11:17:35 AM
Dark Cloud
Mana Khemia
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#15Cl0udz1985Posted 3/30/2013 11:19:16 AM
Suikoden or Shadow hearts
#16grungastzenkiPosted 3/30/2013 11:19:49 AM
New Dragon Quest games will be great.
I vote for Shadow Hearts BTW
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#17SayoriaPosted 3/30/2013 11:42:37 AM
Veeeeeeeeeeery pleased to see Valkyrie Profile 3 up there and highly counted.
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#18Draconas_LyrrPosted 3/30/2013 11:50:07 AM
Legaia 3. It could have had an entry on every, the final boss from 2 was crazy. Remember it taking 30 minutes to an hour, even though I cheated..I'd love to play that game again, legit this time.
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#19TehRYNOLPosted 3/30/2013 11:57:18 AM
Why is Dark Cloud not an option?
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#20pb409Posted 3/30/2013 1:33:03 PM
Shin Megami Tensei series