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Overall, the PS3 has been ___________ this Gen.

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User Info: arczero_x

4 years ago#41
quite satisfying
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User Info: Jon_God

4 years ago#42

Companies are much worse than ever though.
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User Info: levelmaster2

4 years ago#43
From: Charging_Zebra | #008
Betterer than 360

This but I think the WIi was better than both
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User Info: shinmiroku

4 years ago#44
"Perfect for me."

I'm an old bastard now, so I've decided to only buy one system this time, I simply don't have the time anymore. Every game I wanted is available for it except for the Gears of War series.

User Info: ShinXagura

4 years ago#45
TehTrumpCard posted...
...tolerable and yet is no where near the standards set by it's predecessors...
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User Info: Rapham0n

4 years ago#46
Actually I've been disappointed by both the PS3 and the X360 this gen.

PS3: Major design flaws in the way the hardware works. (Also the Blu-Ray drive's lifespan is WAY too short. Only 1 year of constant use is enough to burn out the Blu-Ray drive).

X360: Cheap hardware. (Overheats and burns out WAY too easy).

Lets hope the next-gen will be better.
Thus did man become the architect of his own demise.

User Info: art_of_the_kill

4 years ago#47
the best console I owned
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--- John Marston while lassoing/hogtying someone. Favorite quote this gen.

User Info: Messiah101

4 years ago#48
Chainsaw is Law

User Info: nurnberg

4 years ago#49
the king
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