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Do the Uncharted 3 patches do anything for single-player?

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3 years ago#1
I've just put the game in for the first time, hoping to finish it within a week, and it's asking me to install four updates on mobile internet, the first of which is 263 MB. Looks like the rest will be even bigger.

Do they fix any offline bugs or are all these updates for multiplayer? I would have figured the MP would have been udpated through the ingame interface like UC2 was and startup updates would have been for SP.
3 years ago#2
If I'm remembering correctly, yes, there was a death glitch somewhere in the game that needed patching. If you died anytime in that chapter, you had to restart it from the beginning.
3 years ago#3
Ew. Best leave it download then. *sigh*
3 years ago#4
Yes. When the game launched the aiming was near broken. Instead of the smooth aiming Uncharted 2 had U3's aiming was awful. You could aim up, down, left and right just fine, but if you tried to aim at an angle the aiming would only move in those four directions, so aiming diagonally was like trying to aim with an etch-and-sketch.

The first patch adds an option for alternate aiming that you have to select in the options menu. This is the aiming system Uncharted 2 used.
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3 years ago#5
all you need is the first one really, that made changes to aiming. after that the impact on your game is pretty negligible compared to the number of patches you have to download.
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3 years ago#6
I got the first two, then my internet went so slow I called it off.

Just after the flashback sequence. So far this game has me wanting to sing its praises in the cutscenes and bash its face in during the gameplay for being so drip-fed. I fear it won't be as good as UC2 but still enjoyable.
3 years ago#7
if you don't want to change the aim settings the patches were actually quite useless. you have to change the aim settings yourself through a menu.
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