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Ni No Kuni or Bioshock Infinite?

#251NessaJ_TuNPosted 4/2/2013 8:42:29 AM
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*Note: the poll is on a JRPG based board and will obviously choose the JRPG thus making the results biased.

*Correction: the poll is on a FPS based board (and with FPS like CoD selling 20+ million) and will obviously choose the FPS thus making the results biased.

jubjub360 posted...
"Hurr I have no argument so I'm going to use a poll* as my retort!"

You said I was getting my ass kicked and the poll is my retort to that statement, and it proves vice versa.

jubjub360 posted...
Tell me, what have you posted about in this topic that is even factually correct that isn't based off the numbers of people's preference? You haven't played infinite so you wouldn't know anything about it and your whole mentality is its just a CoD like shooter, which helps support that argument. So tell me: what have you posted that's factual?

You want me to play the PS+ hour trial of Bioshock Infinite and then get back to you on how bored I was with playing a generic FPS full of scripted events and set pieces?

I wouldn't be surprised if Bioshock Infinite is full of garbage QTEs judging by the standards of modern video gaming.

Infinite doesn't have QTE's does that crappy pokemon clone?

Yes its crappy Pokemon clone, just play it and you'll see nothing stand out about the combat system, also like you said Bioshock Infinite doesn't have QTE, as usual stupid JRPG fanboys commenting on the game that they don't even play it lol, atleast Bioshock Infinite has that fun gun gameplay mechanic, sky Hook, Elizabeth's tear and Vigor to fresh up the gameplay. NiNo Kuni is boredom generic JRPG.