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My new PS3 lost power today?

#1Jx1010Posted 3/31/2013 10:30:02 PM
While playing a game online today
my PS3 shut off by itself completely.
Not even the red stand by light was on, I had never seen this happen before... not even with my old phat PS3.

I press the power button even tho it had no night and it came back on,
should I be worried?
#2GamerRafPosted 3/31/2013 10:34:55 PM
Sucks for you. You stated that it's new if you have the receipt then I would go return it.
#3GamerRafPosted 3/31/2013 10:38:18 PM
Sucks for you. You stated that it's new but I wouldn't worry about it unless it happens more times.
#4Jason_HudsonPosted 3/31/2013 10:57:12 PM
Monitor it, if it happens again - return it.

However, it could simply be a case of the power cable not being in correctly. It got moved and the power went off, but had enough of a connection to come back on. Take out the power cable, put it back in and make sure it's firm.
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#5RayconPosted 3/31/2013 10:59:24 PM(edited)
Take no chances. Take it back and take advantage of the its brand new state. Better be safe than sorry...

Wouldn't want this to be a real problem that only manifests itself AFTER the warranty expires.
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#6ElBorak77Posted 3/31/2013 11:01:41 PM
power cord might be bad, could have come out or your power might have gone on and off.
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