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Hardest ps1 game you have played?

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3 years ago#1
Rayman 1
Ok its not hard anymore but when i was kid i had trouble to find all cages
some cages were hidden secretly and will appear only when you touch secret spot
Wtf? Also Crash 1 with horrible slippery controls you have complete the whole stage without dieng and collect all boxes=RAGE!
3 years ago#2
Final Fantasy VII
3 years ago#3
The PS1 GTA games were pretty tough, at least to me I wasn't any good at them. I was lucky to beat the first few missions.
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3 years ago#4
UK Female Gamer
3 years ago#5
Probably one of the Fear Effect games. There are a ton of savepoints, but the gameplay is very unforgiving if you mess up even a little bit.
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3 years ago#6
i second Alundra, awesome game but, gets real tough
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3 years ago#7
Jupiter Strike

It's a terrible Star Fox clone with no passwords/saves, checkpoints, or adjustable difficulty levels. I could only get to the third level without a GameShark.
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3 years ago#8
As mentioned, probably Alundra. Most of the PS1 games were pretty easy, really have difficulty thinking of some notable examples.
3 years ago#9
Vagrant Story confuses the **** out of me to this day.
3 years ago#10
Yup, Rayman & Crash Bandicoot got incredibly hard midway through. The save systems were not ideal... I also had a hard time trying to beat Destruction Derby 2 ( it turns out the Wrecking Racing mode could only be beat by lurking around and careening into your opponents (as opposed to actually racing). The standard race mode in the game was completely impossible to win.
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