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How come no one replays games anymore?

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3 years ago#101
People don't replay new games like they did the old games because the new games are either too easy, or don't hold up well in subsequent replays. Games today are just not made to be replayed like the older games. Plenty of people will replay games like the final fantasy games before 13, but there's no need to replay new games since there isn't anything to find or change in the second or third playthrough.
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3 years ago#102
Did TC just say she thinks Final Fantasy XIII has any form of replay value?
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3 years ago#103
Probably because nearly all games now days are simply not worth replaying.
3 years ago#104
CokaineCowboy77 posted...
Did TC just say she thinks Final Hallway XIII has any form of value?

3 years ago#105
New games are all about flashy pretty explosions and pew pew lasers. Content and things like new game+ only exist if you buy em unlocking things used to be the way but now you buy em. They do have achievements which replaces everything that I mentioned.
Even diverging story paths have gone the way of the Dino. This generation has stripped gaming down to nothing more than a trip to the movies.
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3 years ago#106
If I didn't have such a HUGE backlog, I probably would. When I was much younger and had significantly less games, I would replay games like Super Mario RPG, Earthbound and Super Mario World multiple times.
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3 years ago#107
i only replay for trophies
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3 years ago#108
Xenotropixavier posted...
Master_Happosai posted...
It's probably because i am an adult with a job and other responsibilities. I feel like i am wasting my time if i replay a game again.
When i was a kid i was always bored and didn't have the resources to buy new games so i replayed the games i had.

I feel like it should be comparable to rewatching a movie or reading a book again. Why's a game any different?

Because movies are an average of 90 minutes to progress.

Games take hours and hours to finish.

Books are in between i'd say. And it depends how large the book is and how fast of a reader you are.
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3 years ago#109
a lot of people don't but I do.

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3 years ago#110
I guess it depends on how big a collection you have. Some games I hang on to and play again while waiting for something new to catch my eye. I've been playing Mass Effect (sp) and Left 4 Dead while waiting for my PS3 to come in, and Bioshock to come out.
Then again, I get attached to characters and fluid gameplay. If it works, then there's no need to replace it.
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