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Rate the last game you beat

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User Info: JuanZolo

4 years ago#31
Bioshock Infinite. 10/10

One of the best games I have ever played.
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User Info: JerichoDarkstar

4 years ago#32
Kingdom Hearts 3D. 10/10
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User Info: metroid02

4 years ago#33
Journey: 10/10

One of the best games i have ever played =D
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User Info: ab2c4

4 years ago#34
The Walking Dead: 8/10

User Info: Nograd789

4 years ago#35
Jeanne D'arc = Great SRPG 8/10 easily
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User Info: norwish

4 years ago#36
rawrLIKEaB05S__ posted...
Uncharted 2

So what made you knock off 0.2 off the score? xD
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User Info: gtaking5

4 years ago#37
From: ps3_gamer_norge | #018
gtaking5 posted...
Quantum Conundrum. 9/10.

Aside from some slow down every now and again, QC is one of the best PSN games I've ever played. Dare I say it's even much better than Portal.

I beat it last week, and I strongly disagree with your opinion.

The story wasn't really there, which was one of the best things about portal.

The "god" character (uncle) was not funny more than 2 or 3 times. It felt like gladOS on a 20$ budget.

However, I really enjoyed some of the puzzles (couch surfing ftw), and a few of them very really clever.

It did just feel like a cheap portal imitation to me though. And the ending was just utterly terrible. I thought they were building it up to something awesome, but nope

I'd give it 6.5-7/10

The reason it probably felt like a portal rip off is because it was designed by the chick who was lead designer on Portal and Narbacular Drop.
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User Info: ninjakraken

4 years ago#38
Tomb Raider 8/10

Minus points for lack of puzzles, forgettable soundtrack, poorly developed side characters and average multiplayer. Everything else was excellent.
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