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Just got hyperdimension neptunia victory. Few questions about the series

#11MrBanballowPosted 4/4/2013 10:54:18 AM
thefabregas22 posted...
Firstly what's up with these metacritic score. When I saw them I actually couldn't believe they'd be like 40-50. Secondly I'm loving victory played it for like 4 hours straight when I bought it. Is it worth getting the others after I've finished this? Thirdly are there plans for a sequel, perhaps on ps4? Lastly do you prefer japanese or english voices? I normally like the japanese more but I really like the english dub in victory.

As already said, the game's pretty niche, and that reflects in the scores from the big review sites (IMO).

I would recommend them both. I actually think I preferred the first game to the second, but it would seem I'm in the minority on that one. Victory seems to be a good mix of the two.

As already mentioned, there are a trio of games coming to the Vita. The Idol game, a game based on Noire, and what could possibly be a remake of the first game. I can't find it at the moment, but I believe Idea Factory and Compile Heart are working on a PS4 RPG, though it hasn't been announced what it will be. Rumors were either Agarest or Neptunia.

I don't have anything against the English voices, just that you get so much more voice acting with the JP audio.
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