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The Last Of Us or Dynasty Warriors 8 ? (Poll)
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SpaceXoDDity258/21 12:32AM
Pretty sad how Sony is also trying to cash in on Robin Williams death (Closed)
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My_Unit1518/21 12:03AM
What's missing in my gaming collection?
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Darkstorm16458/20 11:42PM
Are Warhawk and Modnation Racers still active online?killa109658/20 11:40PM
How is SMT: Devil Summoner: Raidou vs the Souless Armywestonticklee58/20 11:35PM
Dead Nation is so easy on harder settings have more and new zombies?indica88/20 10:10PM
Missing space on my hdd
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arclouks_x118/20 10:09PM
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Sony systems/era (Poll)ShionJrCitrine98/20 9:28PM
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something I noticed about playing fighting games with dualshock 3 (Closed)the20thvongola38/20 9:06PM
Has PSN ceased PSOne/PS2 classics releases?Prince_Valmont38/20 8:03PM
80 GB Phat PS3 won't eject disc without fan test. Guess YLOD is next?hekifier18/20 8:02PM
POLL: Would you buy ----------> Persona 4 Arena VS Street Fighter? (Poll)Jx101058/20 7:36PM
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medmuscle238/20 7:27PM
Should I get Xenogears or Digital Devil saga first? (Poll)shadowkratos77478/20 7:27PM
C/D Tales of Xillia 2 > Ni no Kuni
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
kaminarikid188/20 6:39PM
I just bought Xillia 2 and haven't played my copy of Xillia... should i return?
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Mad_Cauliflower148/20 6:39PM
How are the Tales games?
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Gamenamebully128/20 6:25PM
Any chance for Lost Odyssey to come ps3?Chronux78/20 5:24PM