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Which one of these potential games would you like the most?

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3 years ago#1
Which one of these games would you enjoy the most? (Explanations below in post, read before you vote) - Results (86 votes)
King of the Hill Fighting game that plays like MVC3
2.33% (2 votes)
King of the Hill fighting game that plays like BlazBlue
2.33% (2 votes)
The Simpsons RPG that plays like Dark Souls
3.49% (3 votes)
DMC gets a new reboot that plays like the old games. Old Dante is basically back but in a new universe.
10.47% (9 votes)
A REAL free-roam Batman game with a huge city with many sidequests, driving around, flying batplane, etc.
23.26% (20 votes)
A Metal Gear Solid game that takes place 200 years after MGS4. Goes back to its roots and stars a female.
12.79% (11 votes)
A fully fledged Digimon Action RPG that has seasons 1 and 2. A sequel will have season 3 in it.
19.77% (17 votes)
Metal Gear Solid Fighting Game. Pit any character against any other character. So many potential match ups!
2.33% (2 votes)
Assassin's Creed Reboot. Is no longer milked. Starts next gen. Less bugs, better everything
9.3% (8 votes)
Resident Evil Reboot. Single player emphasis much higher. Co-op still possible but is a seperate thing entirely.
13.95% (12 votes)
This poll is now closed.
If you would pick more than one then just post your favorites, in numerical order, in a post.


1 and 2. They are both pretty self explanatory. You can play as the entire KOH cast. Dale's special move would be SQUIRREL TACTICS!!!!!!!!!!! Hank's special would have him say "I'm gonna kick your ass!!!!" and have him repeatedly kick the opponent's ass. Joseph's special would be the tackle, etc.

3. A Simpsons medieval RPG that plays like Dark Souls

4. DMC gets another reboot. It is made by the team who made DMC3. The whole story starts all over again, Dante looks and acts the same as he did in DMC1. But its new. And it also plays like the old ones and not like DmC

5. Arkham City wasn't really open world (it didn't need to be IMO but that's a discussion for another topic) but what I am mentioning is an actual open world Batman game. Think Spider-man 2 (the game, which was actually pretty amazing even for a movie game) but with Batman. Not sure if this would work out...could be really bad

6. In this MGS that I am proposing, it would basically be like Ghost in the Shell. Takes place 200 years after Metal Gear Solid 4. Stars a female lead. The game is not like MGR and has a lot to do with stealth, although you can also put more emphasis on action and slaughter all the guards while constantly raising alerts if you wish. The world has changed a lot. They don't have to call it MGS6. They could just call it Metal Gear _____ (something, like they did with Metal Gear Rising instead of Metal Gear Solid)

7. Self explanatory. I WOULD LOVE THIS!!!!

8. MGS Fighting game. So many potential fights!! Characters have unique dialogue against each other like Gray Fox vs. Cyborg Raiden, Solid Snake vs. The Boss, Solidus vs. Liquid, Ocelot vs. The Sorrow, Vamp vs. Sam, Volgin vs. Human Raiden. Would be crazy!!! Game fights like DOA but with A LOT of CQC emphasis. Or you can pick your own battle system (specify in your post.)

9. Self explanatory.

10. RE gets a reboot and the series is predominantly single player (such as RE4) You can still play Co-Op, but the Co-Op is seperate from the main game entirely. What I mean by this is pretend that Resident Evil 0 and Resident Evil 1 were the same game. The main game would be RE1 which is single player. The co-op mode of RE1 would be RE0. You get me? I think this would be really cool and appeal to both audiences. Also make this game a lot more like REvelations.
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3 years ago#2
Looks like the Batman game is really popular. I figured King of the Hill would have gotten a vote by now. Lol.
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The official Main Character of SMT
3 years ago#3
the batman one is the only ok one. the rest sound awful tbh.

3 years ago#4
I think whats going is people aren't reading the choice of RPG Digimon! The obvious choice.
3 years ago#5
Digimon would sell well among my generation.
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3 years ago#6
>Implying AC is milked (in a bad way) in the first place...
3 years ago#7
ExtremeLight posted...
Digimon would sell well among my generation.

Happy to see someone who thinks like I do. And 8 others!
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The official Main Character of SMT
3 years ago#8
I mean, you have a choice of being the Godd---- Batman, or a bunch of other stuff that doesn't involve you being Batman.

Not a hard choice, really.
3 years ago#9
why there no giant robot game? giant robots need games too.
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3 years ago#10
One last boost to see which one truly wins.
PS3, Vita, 3DS. PSN: xLionhartx
The official Main Character of SMT
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