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PSN Store, Missing DLC

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User Info: parthos566

3 years ago#1
Ok, so I'm at the PSN store and can't find two dlc's in particular.

1. Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3
DLC - Hats Pack (or something along those lines, does have hat in the name though)

2. Mass Effect
DLC - Bring Down The Sky

I'm in US, and have a US account.

Is anybody else experiencing this or have had a problem like this before.

What is going on?
PSN: Mastadope42

User Info: guineathewop

3 years ago#2
Doesn't Bring Down the Sky come with Mass Effect? Or is that just the retail version?

User Info: ToastyAnakin

3 years ago#3
Bring Down the sky is in the Mass Effect 1 PS3 game.
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User Info: parthos566

3 years ago#4
Ahh ok, about Mass Effect. But that doesn't explain the other missing DLC. Is it missing for anyone else or does it show up?
PSN: Mastadope42

User Info: AnonUnknown

3 years ago#5
For Naruto, report the problem to the support team. Or pray for the next Store update. It happens, i remember the Ridge Racer 7 DLC vanished for a couple of days, only to return a couple of days later, after my report. Same with Soul Calibur 5 DLC.
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