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Why do some people say games today are a lot easier than back then?

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3 years ago#41
IMO older games are harder because you actually died. Example of a hard game from this generation. Dark Souls. Sure you can die in it but what happens when you die? You go back a lil while to where you last saved, or ran through a checkpoint. In an older game, you died and stuff actually happened. maybe you'd have to restart the level, or maybe you only lost a life. But you lose all those lives and BOOM game over.

name me 1 current gen game where you actually get a game over screen, and have to start from the start of the game?
3 years ago#42
You know Dark Souls?

EVERY game was like Dark Souls back in the day....and we LOVED it! XD
3 years ago#43
Spurner posted...
Because Battletoads

I actually beat that game when I was in elementary school and I remember it being hard.
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3 years ago#44
Back then, most games didn't have mid stage save points and check points....
Developers in the best actually made their games to challenge players...

Not that I'm complaining regarding the easier games today
I play games to have fun, not get more stressed by dying multiple times or getting stuck in a level....I already experience enough stress from my job...
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3 years ago#45
NO SAVES! you had no saves!
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3 years ago#46
im pretty sure if you tried to play any modern game with a nes pad you'd die alot too.

the difficulty in older games comes almost entirely from bad control 2nd only to dickish level design.

look at castlevania, the game presents enemies that attack you from areas that our outside of you range of attack (Medusa Heads, Ravens, Fleamen, etc.) and make the game frustratingly hard. then compare that to castlevania 4 where the player is given enhanced control over where and how the avatar moves then all of the psuedo-difficulty of the original is almost non-existent.
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3 years ago#48
There's too many tutorials and hand holding since they did away with physical manuals. I don't mind tutorials, but I can't stand it when they're forced on you every couple of minutes. *looks at Ni no Kuni*
3 years ago#49
I feel like most people who say games are easy today just play them on easy or normal difficulty and then complain that it was too easy. Most games today are really tough on hard or higher difficulty setting.
3 years ago#50
because old games used cheap tactics to kill you and with no check points or saves you were sent right back to the beginning of the game only for it to happen again and again
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