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What is the best game opening?

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3 years ago#101
Final Fantasy X - Not the flashforward/back to the Zanarkand Ruins, but the actual opening cutscene from Zanarkand with the Blaitzball and Auron and Sin and Otherworld playing. From that moment, I knew the game would be awesome, and I wasn't disappointed.
3 years ago#102
Witcher 2
3 years ago#103
The opening videos to the Mortal Kombat games on the last generation of consoles(Deadly Alliance excepted).
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3 years ago#104
Anything not dragonball Z budokai 3 is wrong.
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3 years ago#105
heartlesshero17 posted...
Happy to see some Onimusha 3 votes. God why did that series even end?

As a huge fan of the series, I have to say that with how Capcom's been handling things, I'm kind of glad it ended...
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3 years ago#106
For me it's between Onimusha 3, (It'd be Oni 2 if it weren't for that dumb theater part introducing the characters) and Nier; not the opening that plays when you boot the game, but the one that plays when you actually start the game:

Snow in Summer is one of the best tracks in the game and the way it builds up through the battle is amazing.
By the way I would warn anyone that is currently playing or that plans to play Nier not to follow that link, the recommended videos at the side have a spoiler in them.

I like games with anime style openings fine but they're just far too generic to be considered the best.
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3 years ago#107
Dragpn Ball Z Boudikai 3 and Onimusha 3 are the correct choices.
3 years ago#108
Final Fantasy VIII
What in the name of?
3 years ago#109
Final Fantasy X! Seeing that opening made me buy a PS2. :)
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3 years ago#110
Kingdom Hearts 1

Monkey Island 3

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