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Growing intensely infuriated with Japanese games.

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(message deleted)

User Info: Death_By_Mattam

3 years ago#32
You didn't give a medical condition you suffer from when trying to play these games. You failed in copying Bayonetta's topic.

User Info: Manservice

3 years ago#33
One of the better Gfaqs threads.

User Info: LemonKweenstaaa

3 years ago#34
superbowl54 posted...
Nothing wrong with putting ignorant fools in their place, is there?

Especially lemon, he forgets his place as the gum on society's collective shoe, so I enjoy doing that for him on a constant basis, he's kind of my gimp. I abuse him over and over and he enjoys it so much, he makes new topics just to have a repeat.

This is a parody topic. The joke is on you.

Don't flatter yourself.
Official Orange Sherbet of the IDF
31,795 > 66,980 -Sailor Goon

User Info: _tanjil_

3 years ago#35
^Lol yeah I'm I'm gonna quote myself just so people see it's a parody. You should have added a sickness or something

_tanjil_ posted...
"Growing intensely infuriated with Japanese games."

People shouldn't get salty, it's a pun on a topic someone made last night, called, "Growing intensely infuriated with Western games."

Where the TC essentially said all Western games are FPS's that give him motion sickness

User Info: Terotrous

3 years ago#36
The only thing dumber than a person who makes a dumb topic is a person who makes a second topic based on the first person's dumb topic. - Watch me beat "SNES Aladdin" - My backloggery

User Info: kreeders

3 years ago#37
wow nice way to list some of the best rpgs to be released this gen
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