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Spring fever sale....disappointment

#11deathslove(Topic Creator)Posted 4/9/2013 7:01:03 PM
LodeiroSnake posted...
And just 21,- for ps+

Yea they had the first one with all DLC for 15 bucks on PS+ before.

So I won't pay 20 bucks for the second one.

Horrible sale IMO, add more games than just one.
#12crazyman32Posted 4/9/2013 7:05:09 PM
Donomega posted...
crazyman32 posted...
Donomega posted...
Any new free games for PS+ users? Kids are watching TV and I can't check lol

You can look on the PC PSN store or playstation blog.

I was not aware of that, sorry. New PS3 owner :(

Nayiko posted...
Probably a week like all of the other sales.

Looks like a game called Labyrinth Legends was added for PSN+.

Alright, thanks. Doesn't look too interesting.

I didn't know you were new owner anyway,yeah welcome.
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