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A Jack Reacher game adaption - could it work?

#1BronxstaPosted 4/9/2013 4:00:19 PM
I was thinking about the success of The Witcher and Metro and as a fan of Lee Child's series from the beginning, I was wondering if anyone would like to see a game based on the Jack Reacher series.

I remember one reviewer calling Reacher a cross between "The Man with No Name" and Sherlock Holmes. I could imagine a game in the style of Arkham City. A small town and surrounding area and other locations like a military base, etc. as the setting. Gameplay mechanics would include brutal brawling, stealth, weapons and guns, maybe driving and chases, investigations and dialogue choices, exploration. You could have your main conflict as the overall plot, but have side characters that Reacher could help as side quests.

There's a whole series of books and short stories to choose from, a timeline stretching from Reacher's time as a special investigator and MP for the Army, tracking other military criminals, to current day, where he lives a nomadic Ronin-esque lifestyle

It'll probably never happen, but I think it could work.