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Which of these Final Fantasy antagonists is more badass?

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3 years ago#1
Which of these Final Fantasy antagonists is more badass? - Results (1780 votes)
54.72% (974 votes)
45.28% (806 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I seriously can't decide, both are the most badass villains ever. What's your opinion?
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3 years ago#2
Sephiroth was badass?
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3 years ago#3
Kefka. How is this even a contest?
3 years ago#4
Whether you love or hate 7, let's face it most FF fans love it, Sephiroth is the better villain, his motivation as a villain was far better, he was made out to be more fearsome, his plot developed far better and the main character's relation to him was better written and his bss form designs and his fights were better.

Also, dat theme music.

Kefka's the most overrated antagonist of the series, although I do love FF6 the fanbase is worse than 7's on account of the elitist scum who will defend it over 7 to the death just because 7 is more popular and that produces an unscratchable itch up their ass that has forever left them bitter and irritated.
3 years ago#5
"Anger equals passion equals a good time"
3 years ago#6
The clown or the gender confused mamas boy? I'll go with the clown.
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3 years ago#8
I never liked ff6 so sephi. I love ff to death but I could never get into ff6.
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3 years ago#9
Ace_Defective posted...
Sephiroth was badass?

Sephiroth technically never really even existed. Nine-tenths of the main game (FF7), it was Jenova the whole time so you can't really credit Sephiroth for ANY of the times "he" appeared.

He was cool in Advent Children though...assuming that wasn't also Jenova given the head of Jenova was required to even make him appear and he couldn't just do it himself. based on CRISIS CORE (the only time i'm SURE it is him)...yeah, Sephiroth is okay. He's a cool, collected bro in that game. Reminds me of Auron. But Kefka didn't fail to destroy the world like he did, and have mommy issues like he does, so Kefka wins!

Sorry...mommy issues and getting your mommy to do everything for you isn't badass.
Yo Sephiroth, I'm really happy for you, and imma let you finish but Kefka Palazzo is the best Final Fantasy villain of all time.
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