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about poll of the day : what would you do with the money if you must....

#21lebronwadeboshPosted 4/16/2013 4:48:06 PM
i'm gonna aug. my self .. lol ! (deus ex)
#22midgarPosted 4/16/2013 4:52:30 PM
Honestly, I couldn't do it. Video games, yes, internet no. When I think about how much business I do on the internet (not to mention
using it for work) and how imbedded into my life it is, it's not realistic. I didn't think it was fair to tie the two in together. Any hobbies I
would enjoy outside of the two would likely be greatly benefited by having the internet. I would read a lot, learn new languages, travel
some, definitely spend more time with my boys, and more than likely spend a lot of time tinkering with cars and driving cross country.

Oh, and I'd buy my way into season-ticketdom for my favorite NFL team and never miss a game.

....and I'd be bored with it within a decade and beg to return every cent. It is what it is. 10m for games alone... probably.
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#23HangJebat83Posted 4/16/2013 4:53:44 PM
I think I can survive without video games and internet. Video games is pretty much a disappointment this day, they're repetitive as hell, the level design are uninspiring and their boss fight is an insult to the mind.
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#24ymdase(Topic Creator)Posted 4/16/2013 5:07:50 PM
Bekness posted...
ymdase posted...
Bekness posted...
No amount of cars, houses, sex or investments could take place of having no video games.

I know
same for me

But you said it could? Unless I'm reading your original post wrong...

no I didnt say it could but I said what I will do with the money