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2 New PS3 Games I found

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3 years ago#1
People the PS3 isnt dead I found proof of 2 more PS3 games

Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection

This is a PS3 Exclusive having all 4 games + Peace Walker
it has been confirmed as a PS3 Only Game.

Armored Core - VICTORY

As all of you know with each Numbered Armored core you always get 2 expansions

such as For Answer now with Armored Core 5 which is getting VICTORY.

From what I can tell has been upgraded looks really good.

Unknown if Peace Walker will be on Actual Disk of the Legacy Collection or done like the God of War SaGA psp games meaning DLC only.
3 years ago#2

I was slightly interested in 5 but i hear it have a short campaign, I hope the expansion makes it actually playable
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3 years ago#3
Links of confirmations and how did you find them? Seriously the MGS Legacy collection was just announced.
3 years ago#4
Sac City Gamer -
@SacCityGamer ~
3 years ago#5
Victory has been a thing for a few months now at least.

And like For Answer, it looks much better than its "original".
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