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Why do some people hate on trophies so much?

#71RafedxPosted 4/22/2013 2:43:17 PM
Syko_Darksyde posted...
You get called a trophy w**** when really collecting trophies is no different than 100% your old Super Mario and Donkey Kong games. Only now we got something to show for it. My friend helps me collect trophies only because he's in the same boat as me; he considers them part of the game. I strive to complete a game as much as I can although I won't torture myself to get all the trophies. If I'm close though I'll go through the hassle but if the game is just too tedious (like the new Mortal Kombat) I won't bother; as coarse I'll collect as many as I can though.

I think they hate on the people who refuse to buy a game unless it has some form of trophy system in it and I have heard people not buying a game based on the fact it does not have a platnium. I also think they bash the players who are okay spending $40 for a really terrible game just so they can get an easy platnium.
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