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Played the demo of DmC finally: I'm not sure why everyone rags on it so much.

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Oh man, this topic again, facepalm. Such topic would never end up well, but of course some nerd have to create the thread and bait extremists from both side into fighting again.

Yeah, TC made the thread, then he got outta dodge lol.

Yep,the old drive by topic.

These posts greatly amuse me. It is like the posters that say these things don't even understand that people have Real Life, Jobs, and other Responsibilities and can't be online all the damn time to respond to these crazy posts.

But anyways, on top of that I made this topic at late night. When I posted it and waited I saw 6 response posts. THAT'S IT. So I. Figured at nearly 10pm my time and me having work at 2am I REALLY needed to get some sleep so I did. Boy I didn't expect this topic to blow up so big as it has, but I guess I should have considering the subject matter. My bad. I'm still on the road posting this message from my phone so I can't respond to EVERYTHING so far posted but I will try whence I get to my PC at home.

I want to reiteriate this: The demo SOLD me on the game. That almost never happens with me... usually I fine some glaring fault in the demo that clearly wouldn't be present in the main game therefore invalidating the demo for me.
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Downgraded to 30fps from 60fps. Opinion for graphic junkies only

The only that actually matters, since it shows a rather hilarious display of idiocy and ignorance.

If you think that the difference from 30fps to 60 only affects graphics, then you're so pathetically ignorant about the subject that you'd better shut up instead of embarrassing yourself.

And before people spin that, i don't care about which game you're talking about. The Devil May Cry reboot may be the best game of the year or complete trash but the above line remains absolutely idiotic.

But I 110% agree with this. Seriously if you have never actually played a game at 60fps you have no reason to talk about the diffence between the two framerates. 60fps Games are so smooth and responsive that it really does make you wish all games would standardize to this.

Which brings me to yes I have PLAYED DMC3. But that's the only one. Except... not for long. It was during a weird time in gaming for me. Maybe I'll just spring for the DMC HD Collection first before I purchase/rent DmC.
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lol wtf do you need double jump in MGR for? also if you want that play as Sam. .His style is suitable and very different from Raidens

Raiden is a Cyborg Ninja

Sam is just a pure human samurai

Raiden > Sam


Sams sick though way better then DmC donte
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Why are people bringing up rising which has so little comparable to DMC and not Bayonetta which is like an evolution of the DMC formula?

If you want to compare DmC to something not Bayonetta, do it with NG3, because they both have the same awful box stage level design and tedious progression.
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