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Oh dear, another Back up/Restore!

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3 years ago#1
Here is the situation.
I've read a few of the appropriate topics here and around the web.

System: Fat 80gb no B/C.

Backed up the 65-70gigs to external Seagate 500gb.(formatted to Fat32)

inserted 160gb hdd. updated hdd to os 4.40.

used Restore function from the Back-up Utility.

"Stuck" at 49% for 24hours now. No error message, controller unresponsive, PS3 is being cooled. PS3 making continuous "etching" noise (sounds like typical hdd sound to me). Externals blue light is off.

I've read that some people have had to wait anywhere from 22 to 48 hours for the PS3 to restore.

My theory is that the first "fast" 49% is the PS3 "downloading" all the data from the external, and when it starts making the "etching" sound it has entered the "installing" phase, am I right?

I've had this trouble when downloading and installing a couple 2gig demos. The download is fine, but when it starts installing it slows to a snails pace.

So anyone have some words of wisdom for me? Should I just leave it for a few more hours? Thanks for any help.
3 years ago#2
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  3. Oh dear, another Back up/Restore!

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