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Sony must feel bad about last week -- the PlayStation Store is already updated

#11ChrisBot2k5Posted 4/24/2013 10:30:31 PM
CronoDyne posted...
PhaseSlaethe posted...
Lives were lost! Relationships were destroyed! The very fates of humanity were altered! The space-time continuum thrown into a death spiral!

Uh oh, God forbid someone brings up the legitimate complaint of Sony's inability to update their store in a timely fashion, something their competitors have no trouble doing. Because if you dare say anything remotely critical of anything Sony, you're obviously damning the company to hell, wishing their families dead, crying Armageddon, and whatever other nonsensical exaggerated strawmans blind fanboys come up with. Sony can do no wrong, afterall.

1st world problems
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#12ORANGE666Posted 4/24/2013 11:29:29 PM(edited)
SDFan18 posted...
If MS can update consistently at the same time, so can Sony.

Microsofts IT tech and Software Engineers are among the highest paid in the industry. Sony being an media company with a large portion being electronics, isn't going to find the people with the most experience and/or talent and pay them 5 figures (7 in yen if Japan) for software purposes in their gaming division. Sony likely only has a few people working full time on Software like the Firmware and PSN store. Whereas MS will have a lot and have a lot of work for them to do because MS could use them on many different projects. Whereas if Sony hire a lot of experienced people, they most likely would not work full time
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1st world problems

Pretty much this
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LionheartCJ posted...
ChrisBot2k5 posted...

1st world problems

Pretty much this