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I find my tastes in certain genres fading over time.

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User Info: dayj15

3 years ago#11
Alltra posted...
Could just be you're not "In the mood" to play those types of games right now. Everyone feels that way at some point. Go play something else, and I guarantee you that you'll eventually find that spark and desire again, and you'll be loving all the games you currently don't care for right now.

I concur. I took a break from Fighting games for a VERY long time. (For me at least) I found that during that time, I took an heightened interest in Strategy games, which I NEVER play. Once I spent some time with them I noticed my urge to "Fight" was growing again. Whether it was from playing strategy games or not remains to be seen, but nevertheless I found myself returning "Home". It's just a phase. It happens with everything from food, to even women/men...depending on preference.
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User Info: EmiliaTheSage

3 years ago#12
I'm very disappointed with JRPG's without character levels.
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User Info: shin89510

3 years ago#13
este914 posted...
You're getting older, tastes are changing, things that were once appealing to you no longer are. It's happening with me too. There are a lot of games I WANT to play, but when it comes down to it, I find myself not caring so much.

So true. I used to love the God of War/Devil May Cry stuff. Also loved Tekken. Back then I didnt care for the idea of open world rpg/sandbox games. Now I only like driving simulators like GT5 and sandbox games like GTA4 or Elder Scrolls/Dragon's Dogma. Also the Demons/Dark Souls games. But those are it. None of my past joys are there anymore.
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