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Rate these random games - Ep.1

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3 years ago#1
1. Twisted Metal
2. Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time
3. TES V: Skyrim
4. Dead Island: Riptide
5. MGS3: Snake Eater/Subsistance

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3 years ago#2
Skyrim: 7/10 its the only one i have played in that list < click for real sig
3 years ago#3
Clown races (TM): 4/10
Endless mountains (Skyrim): 3/10
Russian jungle (MGS3): 8/10
3 years ago#4
Skyrim - 8/10
MGS3 - 10/10
3 years ago#5
Twisted Metal - 7
Unique, as there aren't any other vehicular area-style deathmatch games out there at the moment, but Black was better.

TES V: Skyrim - 8
Awesome, but I liked Oblivion more.

MGS3: Snake Eater - 6; Subsistance - 8
Subsistence is, obviously, vastly superior, but as far as the main game, Snake Eater goes, gameplay was interesting, but ultimately fell flat. Nothing but a super-linear ordeal in which you choose to either fight everyone in your way, or slowly crawl from the bottom of the map to the top, stopping every three seconds to Pause, change camouflage, and carry on crawling for three more seconds. Characters were horrible, but the gameplay was fresh nonetheless, though it was certainly more fun to play as a shooter than a stealth game. The story was also only good at the very start and very end; everything in the middle was just a bunch of fetch-quests with barely any real story progression. Just a lot of "Go there!" *Goes there* "Get that!" *Gets that* "Bring it to him!" *Brings it to him* "Now go back there!" *Goes back there* and so on. As well, the indoor areas relied on disguises to maintain stealth, making the indoor segments very boring and monotonous.

MGO, on the other hand, was awesome. It was nice to get MG1 & 2, even if they were just those garbage cell-phone ports instead of the real deal, and all of the other extras, like Boss Rush & those funny cinema videos all brought the package together to make Subsistence good, but the main game left something to be desired. Still a good game, but it could have and should have been better.
3 years ago#6
I forgot to put mine, lol. Well, here it goes:

-Twisted Metal: 9/10
-Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time: 8/10
-TES V: Skyrim: 9/10
-Dead Island: Riptide: 6/10
-MGS3: Snake Eater/Subsistance: 10/10 for both
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3 years ago#7
1. -
2. -
3. 8/10
4. -
5. 10/10

Haven't played those three.
Why? Because **** you is why.
3 years ago#8
1. Twisted Metal 0/10
2. Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time 0/10
3. TES V: Skyrim 5/10
4. Dead Island: Riptide -1/10 (yes, negative 1)
5. MGS3: Snake Eater/Subsistance 10/10
3 years ago#9
1. Twisted Metal - 5/10
2. Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time - 6/10
3. TES V: Skyrim - 7/10
4. Dead Island: Riptide - 3/10
5. MGS3: Snake Eater/Subsistance - Never played
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3 years ago#10
CaptainLuka posted...
5. MGS3: Snake Eater/Subsistance - Never played

I recommend you to play it, it's very fun. You can buy it individually for like, $15 at the PS Store, or you can get the MGS HD Collection that's already out (and that it's very cheap for the three masterpieces it includes), or wait for the Legacy Collection. You can't miss that title. :D
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