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What are the best PS3 RPGs of the past 5 or so years? (Archived)
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What are the PS3 only games that you are proud to own? (Archived)
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carsauce282/17 5:02AM
Bad News & Good News About The Last Guardian! (Archived)TheChronic200192/17 4:32AM
What are the PS3 only games that you are not proud to own? (Archived)
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RicherThanRich352/17 4:26AM
I got the Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection. Not liking it so far... (Archived)
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morphinapg802/16 11:46PM
Sony doesnt just do "Flash Sales" its with a ! > Steam & Xbox (Archived)
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gotalambo522/16 10:15PM
Why do people call FFXIII a hallway game? All others are just the same. (Archived)
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knightimex1802/16 9:42PM
Anyone else never have a PSN card in time for a flash sale? (Archived)
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RKO_ON_RAW172/16 7:33PM
What is the large amount of file you downloaded on the Playstation Store? (Archived)
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carsauce212/16 6:58PM
Advanced Warfare: Removal of Classic playlist (Archived)Jaytal632/16 5:54PM
strategy games similar to CoD Heroes on android?? (Archived)PrintersChamp42/16 3:09PM
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Just bought SFIII Third Strike Online, but... (Archived)OhHeyltsYou42/16 11:26AM
Thinking of getting Ragnarok or Tales of Xillia 2 in the flash sale (Archived)indica102/16 10:39AM
how are new Tekken's like? (Archived)
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RJP_X162/16 10:10AM