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Worst VG Community

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3 years ago#1
What, in your opinion, is the worst video game community - Results (84 votes)
Fighting Game fanbase
5.95% (5 votes)
CoD/FPS Fanbase
30.95% (26 votes)
RTS Fanbase
3.57% (3 votes)
PC vs Console Fanbase
23.81% (20 votes)
MGS Fanbase
4.76% (4 votes)
RE Fanbase
1.19% (1 votes)
Console vs Console Fanbase
15.48% (13 votes)
Pro vs Casual Fanbase
14.29% (12 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Ok, this is my first poll so go easy on my choices =P

Basically, after about a day of fighting with some fighting game "pro tournament player" on Youtube, I've decided to try out this poll and see what people think is the worst type of video game fanbase around is. If you have another choice which isn't on the list then feel free to mention them as well
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3 years ago#2
classic fallout vs new fallout then bioware "fans" for complaining about every game they have made since balders gate.
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3 years ago#3
I have a feeling PC vs. Console and Console vs. Console will be the only two on this list that get any votes, just due to the sheer volume of haters in both communities.

The best community is definitely the Pokemon community!
3 years ago#4
JRPG fanbase. /topic
3 years ago#5
Final Fantasy community. Where's the option? :3
3 years ago#6
AnonUnknown posted...
Final Fantasy community. Where's the option? :3

Haha, like i said, i knew i would miss a few, It's my first poll ever, i think I'm allowed to miss a few =P
I believe in Jim Gordon...I believe in Harvey Dent...I believe in Gotham City
3 years ago#7
Apparently now its the whole lets make all video game char androgynous group vs leave art alone group
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3 years ago#8
Dark Souls
Final Fantasy
Resident Evil
3 years ago#9
BF/former COD
3 years ago#10
The whole PC vs Console community, it isn't about the specs, it's about the games, N64 had few games compared to PS1 but those games were excellent, like SMB or Ocarina. Just pick whatever you like, sadly those people can't understand that.
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