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What do you think the Capcom execs are saying over Evil Within?

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3 years ago#21
Dicer7 posted...
Capcom Exec 1: So do you think this "Evil Within" game is gonna be a hit?

Capcom Exec 2: Ha, no way! Horror doesn't sell! It's as simple as that.

Capcom Exec 1: But why did RE6 do so bad?

Capcom Exec 2: It must be too much horror. We need more action! Look at Call of Duty. So much action and huge profits!

Capcom Exec 3: Huge profits?!

Capcom Exec 4: Did I hear someone say huge profits?!

Capcom Exec 5: More action, huge profits!

****ing Capcom.


3 years ago#22
Capcom didn't sack Shinji Mikami, he left after Capcom released Resident Evil 4 for the PS2 behind his back after he had promised Nintendo it would be exclusive to the Gamecube, that seriously pissed him off and thats why he left, but chances are there were more unkown reasons.
3 years ago#23
wheepitup posted...
Brocken_Jr posted...
please wait for E3.

ok serious time, i think nothing yet, theres no gameplay, but those screenshots are really nicccceeee

Yea ok, and has Shinji Mikami ever made a bad game?

didnt see your post days ago, but out of everything i played, no.
3 years ago#24
I doubt Capcom is concerned at all. It seems like if a series doesn't sell at least 5 million, they don't particular care.

I remember when devs didn't have to sell a multi-million number of copies to justify making a game...
What happened to survival horror?
Ironically, it did not survive - TheCyborgNinja
3 years ago#25
Capcom Exec 1 : Hmmmmmm.... How about some more DLC?

Capcom Exec 2: Great idea!!! Resident Evil 6 could use some more!!!

Capcom Exec: OK dude!! Get this name RacconCityABC-VirusDeltaJillRebeccaWhere'sWesker?NoDontOpenThatDoor!!!NoHopeHurricaneRushdownHealthkitSurivivalPack....1#?

Capcom Exec 1: Too much content in that DLC pack. Lets Break it down!!! 20 pieces at $10 a pop?

Capcom Exec 2: Look's like somebody's trying to win Employee of the Month!!!

Capcom Exec 1: Damn right!!! That sucker Mikami is missing out this money tree we got going on here!!!
3 years ago#26
3 years ago#27
they arent saying anything, just sleeping with their piles of money
3 years ago#28
"Hey look, that guy who used to work for us is making a game."

And then life went on.
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