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Playstation Plus = best investment for poor people

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3 years ago#41
For people saying that stuff on Plus being years old, Double Dragon Neon went free for plus members the day it came out. Not a typical example, but it's proof that it can happen.

And for me, many Plus games are ones I wouldn't normally buy. Meaning I have a winder selection than I would choose for myself. Actually, I download games I actually own when they go up, just so I can play them without the disc.

And you know, while the "free" games are a large part of the purpose of a membership, they're not the only part; cloud saves and store discounts are certainly notable components of a membership.
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3 years ago#42
It's not "free" if you already payed for it. My problem with PS+ is that the stuff that should actually be "free" like cloud saving or shovel ware now gives Sony a reason to nickel and dime you. I prefer GameFly for renting.
3 years ago#43
I wonder if the people complaining about PS+ are the ones who actually can't afford it.
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3 years ago#44
ToastyAnakin posted...
I only buy PS PLUS for cloud saves

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3 years ago#45
I can buy any games I choose as well given the couple hundred dollars in disposable income I budget myself per month.....that said, I subscribe to PSN+ as well because I like a surprise game every once in awhile (there are several games that I've played via PSN+ that I wouldn't have even considered otherwise).
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3 years ago#46
Lots of class prejudice in this thread....
3 years ago#47
PS plus is awesome for gamers. I won't comment on my status since I've been blessed.

Having said that, I'll let you in on a little secret: "All is impermanent, All is without Self"

Peace be with you friend, I mean it, I really hope you find peace in your heart.
3 years ago#48
LMFAO got modded for finish the lyrics to a song...some of you are way too sensitive. I even censored the curse words for you lol
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3 years ago#49
ITT: The offended lower class
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3 years ago#50
MourningReigns posted...
ITT: The offended lower class

*face palm*
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