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I want to bust this WD HDD to pieces.

#11KenauePosted 4/27/2013 1:40:44 PM
GoodOlWandu posted...
Kenaue posted...
GoodOlWandu posted...
Kenaue posted...
I've got a 1TB Seagate Momentus in my PS3. works amazingly.

This. Mine is 500GB that i got over 3 yrs ago and its 7200rpm. Seagate Momentus is amazing. I heard alot of bad things about the WD scorpio blue when i was looking to upgrade my 60gb launch ps3. Ive never had any problems with Seagate.

I replaced my 60GB HDD with the TB one.

Now that i finally subscribed to PS+, im thinking about upgrading again.

Nice. I bought my TB HDD from Best Buy for $75.
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#12GoodOlWanduPosted 4/27/2013 1:47:39 PM
Kenaue posted...

Nice. I bought my TB HDD from Best Buy for $75.

Good deal. Ill have to check it out.
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#13War_FailPosted 4/27/2013 1:48:07 PM
Seagate Momentus 750gb here, but I've always had good experiences with WD drives.

Having a 7200rpm 16mb cache drive really helps with install, and to a lesser extent load times. I'd never go back to a 5400rpm for my PS3.
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#14northleafPosted 4/27/2013 2:28:21 PM(edited)
my 750gb wd scorpio black works great, no lag
#15Ultra Buu(Topic Creator)Posted 4/27/2013 8:52:29 PM
wheepitup posted...
Strange, my 500 gb 7200 RPM WD HDD works like a charm. I love when people make a blanket statement about a company because they got one defective item.

It works fine in the netbook I took it from. But inside the PS3 it is bad.
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#16DBN_StealthPosted 4/27/2013 8:54:52 PM
what are we talking about?
#17AyataneXPosted 5/1/2013 7:06:31 AM
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#18blablablax17Posted 5/1/2013 7:12:39 AM
How the hell does a hard drive cause lag?

There's something else wrong with your PS3.
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