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which game have you spent the most hours playing this year?

#1lebronwadeboshPosted 4/27/2013 5:26:46 AM
it does not have to be a 2013 release ...

for me it's RE6 so far ... 50hrs.
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#2Bleachfreak7Posted 4/27/2013 5:28:26 AM
So far Persona 3 Portable with roughly 160 hours. Next is Dark Souls with about 78.
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#3RaengPosted 4/27/2013 5:41:16 AM
Metal Gear Rising for sure. I'm at ~150 hours so far and will probably reach 200 before I'm really done with it. Great game, tons of replay value!
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#4Power TurtlePosted 4/27/2013 6:17:44 AM
Dark Souls most likely.. well, maybe Borderlands 2. I dont really know.
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#5uNc0nTr011aB13Posted 4/27/2013 6:19:45 AM
500+ hours Red Dead Redemption, Skyrim comes in second at 200 hours.
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#6A_Nonny_MoosePosted 4/27/2013 6:22:02 AM
50 hours on Okami HD.
#7Soar2344Posted 4/27/2013 6:24:06 AM
Modnation Racers with over 1000 hours.

IMO best kart racer ever.
#8ab2c4Posted 4/27/2013 6:26:22 AM
Dark Souls.
#9eziokratosleonPosted 4/27/2013 6:29:05 AM
uNc0nTr011aB13 posted...
500+ hours Red Dead Redemption, Skyrim comes in second at 200 hours.

just curious .. what have you been doing in RDR?

it's DmC for me.. about 38hrs.
#10PsychoWolfXPosted 4/27/2013 6:31:51 AM
Pokemon Black 2 and MHU3 on the 3DS.

As for PS3, probably PSATBR.