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which game have you spent the most hours playing this year?

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User Info: AnonUnknown

3 years ago#21
EmiliaTheSage posted...
1,000+ hours on Castlevania: Harmony of Despair.

Oh snap, totally forgot about HoD. I think i've spent a decent amount of time on that game (especially with Soma, probably 50-ish hours), between singleplayer, online and ant farming, but i quit after getting my first Muramasa+1. I'd like to come back someday... i'm still missing all Retro gear, the Valmanway+1, and R.The Count's soul from my checklist. Also i need to max all characters, but nobody does survival grinding nowadays.

User Info: JurassicBond

3 years ago#22
Fire Emblem: Awakening at almost 70 hours.

If this is only about PS3 games, I haven't really put much time into it this year. The 20 hours I put into Ni No Kuni is about all I've played.
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User Info: MrSmadSmartAlex

3 years ago#23
Probably Borderlands 2. I put quite a lot of hours into Ni no Kuni too.

User Info: Sucker_Punched

3 years ago#24
Final Fantasy VI maybe?

Either that or Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault.

User Info: x_lone_x_wolf_x

3 years ago#25
Multiplayer - MW3 - far too many hours to count

Single Player - Disgaea 3 or Disgaea 4. I play both these games well over 100+ hours each.
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User Info: NepentheNeo

3 years ago#26
Skyrim. I just can't tear myself away from that game. I had the same problem with its predecessors. The lore, the characters, the music, the atmosphere etc.

User Info: Orcinus_Tooth

3 years ago#27
Front Mission 3, 400 hours
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User Info: Bekness

3 years ago#28
L4D2, not sure how many hours I've put into it in this year out of Steam's total count, but I think about 100 for 2013

Next would be Dead Island, 38 hours
and Borderlands 2, 31 hours

User Info: knightfire35

3 years ago#29
PS3-wise probably Battlefield 3 or Resident Evil 6. Dark Souls would definitely be pretty close as well.

User Info: Mass_Carrier

3 years ago#30
Yakuza 5.

120~ in 10 days.
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